Who We Are

When we think of construction, we see beyond ourselves. We see the power we hold to help people and better sustain their livelihood. Making lives better. That’s what we see our work doing. The building of bridges over treacherous flooded rivers in rural areas, waterworks that ensure the presence of safe and healthy sanitation, the rehabilitation of roads that have been travelled on by all races and many trading companies in our land.

Not only do we envision ourselves as part of the artistic hand in creating the future we desire, we see the employment, empowering and equipping of men and women to build communities and change lives. As Thopa Civil Construction cc, we perceive greatness ahead, as we work at becoming the leading Civil Construction entity in South Africa and a model of black economic success by harnessing business expertise and delivering satisfactory, distinguished construction services.

Our Mission

In a world full of uncertainty and misfortune, we aim to create stability and bring hope to communities around us through the implementation of our day-to-day work. We intend to expand and stay ahead of competition with dynamic, innovative strategies that make our work more efficient. Our team at Thopa Civil Construction cc, led by Ofentse Mankwe Mabale, understands that success depends on achieving and maintaining a solid service ethics policy of which we have put in much work and intend on practicing over and over again.

Company Philosophy

Our values create purpose, unity and standards for our organisation. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we seek to be guided by integrity as we operate on sound and ethical principles. This way, our organisation and its people are not swayed by corrupt influences that tend to drown many others in our line of work. Thopa Civil Construction also values its clients and will constantly strive to excellently exceed expectations. Every project is treated with absolute care.


Many women are concerned about construction -the construction of make up on their faces or the weave on their heads. But not Ofentse Mankwe Mabale. She has had the construction of a far reaching and commendable legacy on her mind from the very beginning. Having studied a B Com degree at the University of Pretoria, her smart and savvy business capabilities certainly began to come alight. In pursuing her passion, she landed a Construction Management Learnership with the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) in the Free State. This opened doors which she did not hesitate to walk through and soon Mabale received an award of recognition for outstanding performance by a woman owned enterprise in the Free State province in 2009.

Previously, Thopa Civil Construction cc had been birthed in 2005 as a 100% black owned business which contributes to the wealth redistribution and development objectives of the country. This business has a Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) grading of 1 CEPE and 1 GBPE. Mabale’s ambition, drive and hard work continue to propel her in the industry and there are more successful projects still to flourish under her outstanding leadership. Not only that but her daring achievements have become an inspiration to many aspiring business owners especially, young women. She has showed her prowess and courage in tackling a male dominated industry and emerged a conqueror of societal limitations that often swallow many in fear of failure.