Our core business is multifaceted because we believe in offering dynamic services to our clients. This ensures that we can meet all our client’s needs. Projects we have undertaken range from civil engineering, road maintenance, water reticulation to fencing, paving and panel structures to name a few. Find below some of the projects we have worked on in over the years.

Project Name Client Duration
Construction of Road- Shoulders in Jacobsdal FSPG-Public Works,Roads and Transport 6 Months
Road Maintenance FSPG-Public Works,Roads and Transport 7 Months
Road Rehabilitation FSPG-Public Works,Roads and Transport 7 Months
Water Reticulation Capricorn District Municipality 6 Months
Concrete PalisadeFencing Emfuleni Local Municipality 4 Months
Road Maintenance Department Of Police 6 Months
Kerbing and Brickwork Edwin Construction WBHO 8 Months
Concrete V Drains Edwin Construction WBHO 2 Months

Our country is making major inroads towards readdressing the imbalances of the past by channelling the funds towards the civil construction and infrastructure, Thopa Civil Construction seeks to maximise on the opportunities presented before us in revoking the past and creating the future. Others have done their part with what they had; now we will do ours using the tools, spades, tractors, cement and bricks we have. Together we can make a difference; together we can build a safer, more equal, undivided and strong foundation for those who will come after us. One quote says, ‘what you do today determines where you’ll be tomorrow’. Let us start shaping our future today.